Golaflog contains mastic, Myrrh and Altea titrated extracts and high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate. Thanks to highly titrated Altea extract in mucilages, Golaflog promotes the throat well-being as well as that of the membranes of the respiratory system. Moreover Golaflog contains a Myrrh titrated extract in furanodiens which is useful for the functionality of the oropharyngeal mucosa. The effectiveness of titrated extracts is amplified by the sinergy with Mastic and high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, which is known for its moisturizing and muco adhesive features.


  • Up to 4 oral tablets per day to be dissolve slowly


Ingrediente per 4 cpr %VNR*
Miscela di mastiha
resina polvere
ed estratto secco
80 mg
Altea e.s.
tit. 25% Mucillagini
80 mg
Mirra e.s.
tit. 4% Furanodieni
supportato su proteine di riso
40 mg
Sodio ialuronato
ad alto peso molecolare
4 mg

*VNR: Valore nutritivo di riferimento

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