Catidral Plus

One sachet of CATIDRAL® Plus contains diosmectite and electolytes. Diosmectite is a sort of natural clay characterized by a crystalline structure of very thin superimposed strips that give it a high absorption strength, allowing diosmectite to incorporate liquids in the intestinal lumen and thus increasing the consistency of excretion and slowing own expulsion. In this manner CATIDRAL® plus can also decrease the risk of dehydration due to diarrhea and help the hydrosaline balance return to normal, thanks to the product’s balanced dose of electrolytes. Diosmectite’s absorption strength also allows CATIDRAL® plus to interact with glycoproteins in the mucous membrane covering the gastroduodenal wall, by modifying their physical characteristics and generating a protective gel.


For the first 3 days:

  • Children >2 years: up to 4 sachets per day
  • Adults: up to 6 sachets per day

Then continue with halved dosage until the full resolution of diarrhea.


  • 12 sachets of powder
  • 20 sachets of powder
  • 30 sachets of powder

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